• UVC Disinfection Bag (X-6)

    UVC Disinfection Bag (X-6) • Color Black • 99.9% Disinfection Rate • High Elastic & High Density Nylon • Composite Luxury Material • Super UV Full Range Disinfection • USB Power Supply Input Power 5v • UVC Power 3.5w Input Ampere 700mA • Dispel Peculiar Smell • 9.5″(L) x 5″(W) x 5″(H) in

  • Blu – Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun

    Blu – Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun • Color White • Rated Voltage AC 110 – 240 v 50/60 Hz • Rated Power 10w • Supply Voltage DC 12v • Battery Capacity 2600 mAh • Usage Time 3 Hours Charging Time 2 Hours • Water Bottle Capacity 250ml • 9″(L) x3 “(W) x 9″(H) in

  • LED Ultra Violet Disinfection Mummy Bag (P02X)

    LED Ultra Violet Disinfection Mummy Bag (P02X) • Color Black • Rated Power 8w • LED 12 • Micro USB • LED 260 – 280 nm • QB/T 5243 – 2018 • 10″(L) x 4″(W) x 16″(H) in


    – COLOR: Silver
    – COMPOSITION: Chrome Steel Powder Coated
    – DIMENSIONS: 32×57-1/4″
    – FOR: 25″ Bags
    – ITEM: Hamper
    – ITEM TYPE: Laundry
    – QUANTITY: Each
    – SHAPE: Triangular
    – STERILE/NON-STERILE: Non-Sterile

  • Folding Cane Twin Grip

    -ultimate stability
    -built-in SOS alarm
    -adjustable length 86-97cm
    -supports up to 160kg
    -weighs less than 2 pound
    -walk up and down challenging hills with confidence
    -twin grip cane extend in a snap
    -retracts right back for easy storage

  • Elenker Rollator Walker

    • This ELENKER hand rest rollator walker makes possible by adding stability and reducing stress on body and look ahead
    with better support and greater confidence to walk farther and remain active.
    • More comfortable compared to other rollator walkers because it reduces stress on joints in your wrists, back and legs.
    • The handle is adjustable, move the handles up and down to your desired height by pressing the adjustment button.
    • Handle Height: 42.72″-47.64″, weight capacity: 300 lbs.
    • Easily fold rollator to compact size with one hand by pulling seat cushion rope, one hand to ultra-compact size for storage.
    • 8 inch wheels give you reliable stability for more confidence and security when walking indoors or outdoors

  • Aneroid Sphymomanometer Paramed

    -2 in 1 Technology : A Loop to Steady the Stethoscope on the cuff
    -Universal Cuff with D-Ring
    -Hardwearing bulb and climber

  • Prestan Professional Infant CPR-AED Training Manikin 4-Pack

    • Professional-quality manikin at a fraction of the cost! Comprehensive design allows for practice of Heimlich maneuver and abdominal thrusts, as well as CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing. Realistic anatomical markings (Adam’s apple, carotid arteries, navel, rib cage, chest notch) make it easy to learn correct hand placement for checking pulse, performing chest compressions, and more.

    • PRESTAN® Professional CPR-AED Manikins are now approved for use by American Heart Association for the American Red Cross layperson and professional rescuer training courses

    • Realistic to the eye and the touch, the PRESTAN® Infant Professional Manikin is unlike any other on the market. PRESTAN® manikins are uniquely designed as a clamshell and accommodates an easy-to-insert face shield/lung bag.

    • The PRESTAN® manikins are equipped to be used with ANY AED trainer on the market today. The manikins come in three skin tones: Light, medium, and dark, and come with or without the CPR Monitor. They come individually, in a convenient four pack, or in a Family Pack, consisting of an adult manikin, a child manikin, and an infant manikin.

    • **All infant torso foam is now made from a softer formulation! **

    • PRESTAN® CPR Monitor

    • PRESTAN®’s revolutionary new CPR Rate Monitor allows for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding the rate of chest compression. This allows each student to gauge their rate of compressions on their own as well as allowing the instructor to monitor several students quickly and easily.

    • Weight: 6 lbs. (for one manikin)

    • Dimensions: 10″ x 6″ x 22″ (for one manikin)

  • Capsule Filler

    -100 HOLES CAPSULE FILLER – The Simlug capsule filling machine imitate automatic mechanical arrangement, you can arrange capsules cap and capsule body quickly, more convenient to use and improve capsules filling efficiency. Effective to deal with the problem of filling capsule, like small batch processing, production, self-made capsules.
    -EASY TO USE – Capsule filler, The product is surrounded by circular arc shapes, which has beautiful appearance and bring you comfortable operation. With precise and unique design, this capsule filler is easy to operate and effective to reduce wasting. Higher accuracy, less powder leakage.

  • Mars Wellness Plantar Night Splint

    Dual Tension Straps Allow For increased flexion And Foot Angle for The Optimum Pain Releving Stretch.
    Lightweight, Low Profile Shell Is Sturdy And Breathable.
    Essential Treatment For Alleviation Of Night Time Plantar Fasciitis Pain.

  • Electrolytic Disinfector Water Generator Spray

    • MAGIC BOTTLE: Water + salt electrolytic cell can produce cleaners, easy to operate, effective cleaning and provide a healthy environment for you and your family.
    • Charge at Any Time: The water maker machine itself has a waterproof USB charging port, which can be charged at any time.
    • Portable Use: The detergent making machine is very small, which is convenient to carry. Detergent is able to produce three different differentials of water, low concentration, low standard concentration.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY :Non-toxic, harmless and chemical residue-free sodium hypochlorite generator can be made in the home with only ordinary salt and tap water, and it can safely disinfect all aspects of life, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation.
    • Wide Functions: Just add water and salt to produce disinfection solution by electrolysis, and evenly spray on the surface of the items or equipment that need to be disinfected

  • Auto Spray Sanitizer Dispenser

    • Hand Sanitizing Foam Device With Automatic Sensor
    • Silent Start
    • Rapid Response 0.25 second Response time
    • Prorate 1 Soap Liquid: 4 water

  • Cold Rush Compact w/ Pad

    EFFECTIVE, SOOTHING AND LOCALIZED TREATMENT: Designed to reduce localized pain and swelling following surgical procedures or trauma. Offering ice cold relief for post operation discomfort and reducing joint pain, inflammation and tenderness. Improve joint function and quality of life. Ideal for post work-out recovery. Ergonomic pads mimics the body’s contours to provide localized treatment.

  • Medline Bed Assist Bar With Storage Pocket

    • Brand: Medline
    • Quick & Easy Tool-Free Assembly
    • Fits Most Twin, Full & Queen Size Beds
    • Contains: 1 Bed Assist Bar & Nylon Storage Pouch
    • Provides Help Getting In & Out of Bed
    • Height Adjustable Soft Grip Bar
    • Pocket For Storage
    • Full Lenght Strap For Added Safety
    • Height Adjustable Legs
    • 42in (H) x 28in (L) x 14in (W)

  • Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench

    • Reversible seat back for left or right handed entry
    • Non-slip texture on bench and backrest
    • Oversized slip-resistant tips
    • Space for shower curtain
    • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
    • Product Weight: 10.95 lbs
    • Product Dims (h x w x d): 18″ – 21″ x 28″ x 19″
    • Package Weight: 11.95 lbs
    • Package Dims (h x w x d): 10.25″ x 17.13″ x 28″

    Sold By HMR Cainta

    Carex Bathtub Transfer Bench

  • Medline Bath Bench With Back

    • The Medline bath and shower chair provides safe and comfortable bathing and showering
    • Non-slip rubber feet resist slipping on the bathtub or shower floor
    • The legs on this medical shower chair are height adjustable in 1″ increments, from 14.5″ to 19.5″, for a proper fit
    • Bath benches with a back give extra support and comfort | Seat Size: 20″W x 12″D | Weight capacity: 300 lbs,
    Tool free assembly
    • This shower chair is infused with Microban Antimicrobial Technology | Microban antimicrobial technology
    inhibits the growth of stains and odors from bacteria, mold & mildew and keeps your bath safety products cleaner
    for longer

  • Oasis Space Toilet Safety Rail

    • Secure, Easy to Use: Our Toilet Safety Frame is approved the highest standard in medical Bathroom Toilet Rail; Tool-Free,
    Easy to assemble in 2 minutes; much quicker than the competition.
    • Sitting and Rising Aid: This free-standing bathroom safety frame provides a stable support for users to sit or rise from a
    commode. Ideal for seniors, handicapped or those with arthritis and/or those recovering from injury/surgery. This safety rail
    prevents accidental slips or falls, common in the bathroom.
    • Safety and Durable: Constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, this compact safety toilet rail supports up to
    300 pounds. Good for the elderly, seniors, adults, disabled, pregnant women.
    • Adjustable, Foldable, Fit Any Standard Toilet: The foldable toilet handicap rails can be used with any toilet. The toilet support
    rails elderly handle height is also adjustable from 24” to 31”.
    • Padded Grip and Non-Slip Tip: Toilet handrails are padded with a soft rubber for superior support. The textured rubber handles
    create a comfortable, non-slip surface for a safe and secure grip when sitting or standing. Each outside leg is capped with a
    non-skid, non-slip tip for a safe and secure experience.

  • Medpro Grip Contoured Bedside Rail

    • MGrip Contoured Bed Rails by MedPro are designed to help you remain safe in bed and independent in
    your home
    • This bed safety rail has a unique M shape that allows for multiple gripping positions and the easy to
    assemble, compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel
    • The MGrip’s foam contoured handle allows you to comfortably reposition in bed, safely transfer in
    or out of bed and helps keep you safely in bed
    • MGrip’s Bed Rail For Seniors has 2 height settings with crossbars that help prevent entrapment
    and the adjustable strap with durable steel buckles, adapt to fit all mattress formats
    • Weight capacity of 300 lb. / 136.1 kg

  • Drive Folding Steel Commode

    • Brand: Drive

    • Easy, tool-free snap-button assembly easily opens and folds for storage and transportation

    • Durable plastic snap-on seat and lid, and Plastic arms for added comfort

    • Powder-coated steel-welded construction

    • Includes 75 qt commode bucket with carry handle, cover, and splash shield

    • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs; Seat Dimensions: 16.25″”(D) x 13.75″”(W) x 17″”-23″”(H); Width Between Arms: 18.125″; Outside Legs Width: 22.25″

    Sold By HMR Cainta

    Drive Folding Steel Commode


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